#15 – A Wolf in Nerds’ Clothing

#15 – A Wolf in Nerds’ Clothing

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. – Matthew 7:15

With that warning Jesus let his disciples know that not everyone is what they seem. Jesus knows that some will come in his name, claiming to lead people toward the truth, when in reality they are leading people astray. We can see that throughout the history of the church and we can even see it in headlines today.  I don’t feel like a false prophet but I do somewhat feel like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Actually, more like a sports fan in nerds’ clothing.

It’s a little presumptuous to set myself up as The Christian nerd; sometimes I’m not a very good Christian and sometimes I’m not a very good nerd. This week has been a good example of my two-faced nature: being both a nerd and a sports fan. In the past week I have put about 20 hours into Dragon Age: Origins; the whole time, though, I have been thinking about my Chicago Bears and their upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Now if you’re a real nerd, all that talk about Bears and Packers and Bowls sounds like the last quest your dungeon master designed. It was a harrowing tale traveling through a bear-infested forest, to the ice-packed Cloudy Mountain in order to find the magical bowl of Undestu. If I were a real, grade-A, top shelf nerd, I would care more about looting dungeons than how the Bears front four are going to pressure Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

Nerds shouldn’t really care about football or any other sport. Traditionally, nerds’ aversion to sports doesn’t include just playing them, but also watching them or participating in any way. The only time nerds should really care about sports is when they take place at the Renaissance Fair; jousting is the sport of kings and nerds. Thanks to Harry Potter, though, nerd sports aren’t just limited to the Renaissance Fair anymore; nerds can sign up and participate in an actual Quidditch league. Actual as in people running around with brooms throwing a ball; not actual as in people flying and chasing the snitch.

In James we’re told to confess our sins to each other; consider this post my confession. I am a really big nerd, but there are some parts of me that aren’t as nerdy. I really like sports, I enjoy playing volleyball and it’s fun to go camping. Those activities aren’t that nerdy but, being able to identify almost any episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation after watching for only 30 seconds, more than makes up for them.

What un-nerdy activities to do enjoy?

Thanks to Nik for the idea for this post.


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