#1412 – Rogue One Trailer

#1412 – Rogue One Trailer

I still remember waiting 16 years for a new Star Wars movie to hit the theaters. Granted, when The Phantom Menace hit the screens I thought it could have used a little more time to bake, but I was still excited to see those yellow letters crawl across the screen. We only had to wait 11 years for The Force Awakens, but even that seemed like an eternity, especially from the time that Disney purchased Lucasfilm. For the foreseeable future, though, it appears we’re only going to have to wait a year between Star Wars movies.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on December 16, 364 days after The Force Awakens did last December. I haven’t had to wait this little for a new Star Wars movie in my entire life. I was going to see Rogue One no matter what, but this most recent trailer has me really excited to head back to that galaxy far, far away.

Below are some screenshots and thoughts about the trailer.

R1 01

  • One of the aspects I’ve enjoyed most about Star Wars: Rebels is really seeing the tyranny of the Empire. In the original trilogy we saw the evil of the Empire on a large scale. Like Rebels, hopefully Rogue One gives us a glimpse of the Empire’s evil up close and personal.

R1 02

  • Mon Mothma is the leader of the Rebellion, but we know so little about her. I want Rogue One to give us more insight into this strong and courageous leader.

R1 03

  • Star Destroyers are very large ships and they’re completely dwarfed by the Death Star.

R1 04

  • The Rebels newest ship (at least to us) is the U-Wing. By my count, the Rebels can only ever have 21 more ships.

R1 05

  • This trailer gives us some more insight into the team that Jyn Erso puts together. This guy wants revenge on the Empire. Hopefully Rogue One will only have one introduction per character unlike Suicide Squad, which invested 30 minutes introducing us to characters we didn’t really even like.

R1 06

  • A blind Asian dude with a stick. Awesome.

R1 07

  • “Don’t look at the eclipse; it’ll blow up your planet.”

R1 08

  • X-Wings are the best. The distinct sound of their engines and blasters always brings a smile to my face. Unless they’re blowing me up in Battlefront, then I don’t like them so much.

R1 09

  • Who brings a rocket launcher to an AT-AT fight?

R1 10

  • I loved Rey and I can’t wait to see Jyn Erso in action. Her line, “This is our chance to make a real difference” gets me fired up to see the Rebels take on the Empire and to go out and make a difference in our galaxy.

R1 11

  • Yes, please.

R1 12

  • #squadgoals

R1 13

  • Darth Freaking Vader. Seriously, take all of my money now.

I keep watching that trailer and it keeps getting me more and more excited. I wasn’t sure how excited I’d be for the first of these “Star Wars Story” movies, but it turns out I’m pretty darn excited. Star Wars is and always has been my first nerd love. I don’t see that changing any time soon.


What did you think of the Rouge One trailer?