#1523 – Nerd News Roundup

#1523 – Nerd News Roundup

Thanks to everyone who read and shared my post from yesterday. Those words definitely came from the bottom of my heart and I’m glad that so many people found them encouraging. I’m still in the midst of grieving the loss of my student, but part of grieving involves pressing forward.

The past few days have been filled with all sorts of nerd news. I’m bummed that Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who after this year, but I’ll probably write about that more fully later in the week. For the rest of the news, though, here’s a little roundup from the past few days.

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery began production this week. The next journey to where no one has gone before has no solid release date, but we should hopefully see the premiere by summer. The production has filled out its cast and I can’t wait to see Star Trek back on the small screen where it belongs. I still haven’t heard if Discovery is going to be available on iTunes. I haven’t downloaded anything illegally in a long time – I mean ever – but I really don’t want to pay for CBS All Access.

The Batman

The Batman, or whatever the next Batman movie is going to be called, has lost its director. Ben Affleck was set to star in and direct the Dark Knight’s next adventure, but Affleck announced that he was going to step down from the director’s chair. He said that being fully committed to the character wouldn’t allow him to also be fully committed as the director. Affleck said that he hopes to find a director with whom he can partner to bring Batman to the big screen. I still haven’t watched Batman v Superman; maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

Cloak and Dagger

Freeform used to be ABC Family when all they showed was the Harry Potter movies. Now that the channel shows all sorts of teenage dramas about pregnancy and premarital sex, it has been renamed Freeform. Cloak and Dagger is Marvel’s first television series for Freemform and I’m actually excited about it. In the comics Cloak and Dagger are young heroes whose interracial relationship is complicated by their powers. I like both characters and they could make for an interesting television show. In my head I’m picturing Dawson’s Creek mixed with Jessica Jones.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is easily my favorite Disney movie ever. The movie definitely has some nostalgia attached to it, but it still holds up now that I’m older. Belle was always my favorite princess and Gaston may be my favorite Disney character period. Disney has done a tremendous job with its live-action remakes; I enjoyed The Jungle Book and absolutely adored Cinderella. I have high hopes for Beauty and the Beast, hopes that the most recent trailer did nothing to diminish.

Man, I love being a nerd. Difficult seasons can be more easily weathered when we have something to distract us. We can’t ignore our pain and grief, but it isn’t bad to get a little respite once in a while.

What recent nerd news has you excited?