#1525 – Twelve

#1525 – Twelve

Earlier this week Peter Capaldi announced that this upcoming series of Doctor Who would be his last. When all is said and done, the Twelfth Doctor will have appeared in three series and four Christmas specials. That’s roughly the same amount of time that Matt Smith played the Doctor, but for some reason it feels like Eleven spent more time in the TARDIS than Twelve.

People haven’t connected with Capaldi’s version of the Doctor as much as they did with Matt Smith’s. Of the New Who entries, David Tenant is still my favorite version of the Doctor, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Four. I have really enjoyed Capaldi’s turn as the man in the big blue box, especially after the last series ended so strongly.

Capaldi has brought a tremendous amount of intensity to the Doctor. Tenant was charming and Smith was wacky, but Capaldi has all the fires of Gallifrey burning in his eyes. The passion he brought to the character really made me believe that he would end the universe in order to save Clara.

“Heaven Sent” is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who ever. Capaldi was left to carry that episode pretty much by himself and it was the perfect culmination of his take on the character up until that point. That episode got me tremendously excited for what Capaldi had next for the Doctor. While I wish we were getting two more seasons of him holding the sonic screwdriver, I’ll have to settle for one.

The end of Capaldi’s tenure also marks the end of Steven Moffat’s time helming the series. He took over from Russell T. Davies, beginning in series five with Matt Smith. I’ve enjoyed much of Moffat’s run with Doctor Who, but am looking forward to a new creative voice leading the show. Chris Chibnall, creator of the show Broadchurch, will take over after this year’s Christmas special, which will see 12 regenerate into 13.

Hopefully 13 doesn’t prove to be unlucky. I’d love to see Doctor Who continue for another 50 years.