#1551 – TCN Podcast #94: Thor Should Have Long Hair

#1551 – TCN Podcast #94: Thor Should Have Long Hair

On this week's episode of The Christian Nerd Podcast we talk about The Office, Thor's haircut and being intentional about Lent.

Scott and Ron are back for another episode of The Christian Nerd Podcast. In Nerd News talk about Thor: RagnarokPower Rangers and all the unlimited data plans. In Sponsor Ron gives his thoughts on Irvue, a wallpaper app for Mac. In From the Blog Scott talks about going analog for Lent and they discuss how to be more intentional in becoming more like Jesus.. And they finish off with Thread of the Week.

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Show Notes

Intro - 0:00

Nerd News - 19:34

Sponsor - 42:05

From the Blog - 46:26

  • Analog" from The Christian Nerd

Thread of the Week - 1:18:23

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