#1597 – Nerdy Fox Fall TV Shows

#1597 – Nerdy Fox Fall TV Shows

When I was younger I watched a lot of TV. I was like an old lady with all of my “stories.” Every night of the week I had a show to watch, on top of reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation at 7:00. I must have known back then that I wouldn’t have a lot of time to watch TV as an adult; I wanted to make the most of the time I had.

We watch plenty of The Office and 30 Rock on Netflix, but we don’t really watch too many new shows. So whenever I see trailers for new shows coming in the fall I always think, “That looks good, but I probably won’t have time to watch it.” I’d be much more inclined to watch a show if I knew that it was going to get more than one season.

Recently Fox premiered trailers for two of its upcoming shows this fall. Check out the trailers and some thoughts about the shows.

The Gifted

Fox is really making the most of its rights to the X-Men. For the past 17 years the X-Men movies have been pretty hit or miss. The hits have been great and the misses have been terrible, thanks Brett Ratner. I still haven’t watched Legion, so I don’t know how Fox has fared on the small screen up to this point. The Gifted has an interesting premise: a father who captures mutants finds out he has two mutant children and is forced to run. I only recognized Blink and Polaris from the trailer, but hopefully some more notable mutants will pop up throughout the series.

The Orville

If the X-Men franchise has been hit and miss, then the career of Seth MacFarlane has been just as up and down. As juvenile as it is, Family Guy still makes me laugh. I remember sitting with my two best friends and watching the DVDs after the series had been canceled. We laughed hysterically and some of those jokes still make me laugh to this day. Beyond Family Guy, though, I’ve never really watched anything else of MacFarlane’s. People seemed to like Ted, but A Million Ways to Die in the West was destroyed by critics. The Orville looks like a fun Star Trek knock-off, but I don’t know if it can have as much heart as something like Galaxy Quest.

Unless I magically get more time between now and September I don’t really know if I’ll watch either of these series. I’d be more inclined to watch The Gifted because of my love for the X-Men, but I haven’t watched Legion yet and I love that weirdo David Haller.

What do you think of Fox’s new nerdy shows?

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