#105 – David Crowder Band

#105 – David Crowder Band

For the better part of a decade, David Crowder Band has been my favorite Christian band. They’ve been one of my favorite bands period.

They’ve announced, though, that after the release of their sixth album and a tour this fall, the band will break up.

Here are five reasons I’m going to miss DC*B. 

Their Music

David Crowder Band came along at a point in my Christian music life when I was ready for something new. Delirious? had moved away from worship music and Hillsong United was still a ways off. Songs like “Our Love is Loud”, “You Alone” and “Undignified” got me excited again to worship God through music. And since that first album, they’ve only gotten better as musicians and song writers. I love how their songs are complicated and slickly produced on the album yet can be sung in a circle with just an acoustic guitar.

Their Concerts

I have seen David Crowder Band live numerous times. I’ve gone to see them in concert and they’ve also led worship at a number of conferences I’ve attended. They were always a fun band to experience live and always got the crowd involved. I also liked how they really created a worship experience; it wasn’t about watching them but honoring God together. I still think about standing in front of the stage, hands outstretched and shouting “You Are My Joy” at the top of my lungs.

Their Music Videos

The video for “SMS (Shine)” is unbelievable.


The video for “Foreverandever Etc…” is ridiculous.


Their EPs

After every full-length album, David Crowder Band would release some sort of EP. Some of the EPs were just live albums but some were completely different musical experiences. Sunsets and Sushi, the EP that followed Illuminate, was a self-described “experiment in spectral deconstruction”. They basically remixed songs off of Illuminate to create a techno-driven worship experience. These kinds of EPs, and even their full-length albums, showed an amount of creativity that is hard to find in contemporary Christian music. In an industry that’s always trying to find the Christian equivalent of secular artists, David Crowder Band created their own sound and pushed their creative boundaries.

Their Stories

When I first saw David Crowder, I thought he looked like a crazy, homeless person. I thought that he would be quiet and reserved in concert, not really interacting with the crowd. I was very wrong. One of the best parts about seeing David Crowder Band live was hearing Crowder himself tell stories. I’ve heard him tell stories about squirrels and using Rick Warren’s personal bathroom at Saddleback. I no longer think he’s crazy but he is absolutely hilarious.

David Crowder Band is one of my favorite bands. Their music has drawn me nearer to the heart of God through their albums and through singing their songs in worship services. I’m very sad to see them go but I’m thankful for how they’ve been faithful to God in using their talents to glorify him. And it’s just icing on the cake that their faithful service has brought me so much joy.

How has David Crowder Band or their music influenced you?



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