#1531 – TCN Podcast #90: One Of The First Things To Go Is That Time With God

#1531 – TCN Podcast #90: One Of The First Things To Go Is That Time With God

On this week's episode of The Christian Nerd Podcast we talk about the next iPhone Lego Batman and doubt.

Scott and Ron are back for another episode of The Christian Nerd Podcast. In Nerd News talk about iPhone 8 rumors and E3 being open to the public for the first time. In Sponsor Ron gives a mini-review of The Lego Batman Movie. In From the Blog they discuss doubt and what to do when facing seasons of doubt. And they finish off with Tweet of the Week.

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Show Notes

Intro - 0:00

  • "I’m Batman."

Nerd News - 11:19

Sponsor - 33:53

From the Blog - 41:19

  • Doubt" from The Christian Nerd

Tweet of the Week - 1:09:36

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  1. Stephen De La Rosa

    February 13

    Totally appreciate you sharing the difficulties in maintaining a routine as Clara gets older. The effects on the 4th day after 3 sleepless nights is worse than being drunk. My oldest is five and I'm just now getting back into a consistent routine of study and journal throughout the week. Someday exercise will get squeezed back in there, but in the meantime diet is keeping me from being obese. Love the show and the blog! Thanks


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