#1532 – Nerdy Couples

#1532 – Nerdy Couples

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

When I was a little kid I loved Valentine’s Day because it meant that I got free candy at school. Even if the only candy we got were those chalky little hearts, any candy is better than no candy. I didn’t love Valentine’s Day in high school because I spent all four years alone without a girlfriend. That trend continued throughout most of college and seminary until I met Alycia. Now I’ve had the same and the best valentine for nine years.

Even with a girlfriend/wife, I don’t really care too much about Valentine’s Day. I love my wife and try to show it to her every day of the year. I’m more than happy to get her a card and maybe some flowers, but neither of us goes overboard for the holiday.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some of my favorite nerdy couples.

Cyclops and Jean Grey

This is my favorite nerdy couple of all time. The X-Men have been and continue to be my favorite comic book and Scott and Jean are two of my favorite X-Men. If it’s possible to have a crush on a fictional character, then I definitely had a crush on Jean Grey growing up. That’s probably why I liked Cyclops more than Wolverine. My first name was Scott and so was Cyclops’s, which meant I was that much closer to marrying Jean Grey…if she were real…and if I wasn’t such a loser.

Hermione and Ron

J.K Rowling admitted that she should have had Harry and Hermione end up together. I think that’s ridiculous. Hermione and Ron are absolutely one of my favorite nerdy couples. I like them so much because they shouldn’t be together. On paper it makes more sense for Harry to end up with Hermione. He’s the chosen one and she’s the smartest girl in school. That’s why Ron and Hermione coupling up was so great. They were total opposites and constantly irritated each other. Some of my favorite moments in the entire series were Ron and Hermione navigating the awkwardness of their relationship. J.K. Rowling may regret Hermione and Ron’s relationship, but I think it’s one of the best parts of the wizarding world.

Ned and Chuck

Pushing Daisies is one of the greatest television shows ever. Unfortunately it was too smart, too whimsical and too good to last longer than two seasons. Big Bang Theory has been on the air for a decade, rehashing terrible jokes, ridiculous stereotypes and a grating laugh track. Pushing Daisies was so much better and it featured a relationship between Ned and Chuck. Ned was a pie maker who could bring dead things back to life and Chuck was the girl-next-door from his childhood that he brought back to life. Ned couldn’t touch Chuck or else she would die for good, so their relationship was sweet, unique and necessarily free of the physicality that passes for love on television these days. Seriously, if you haven’t watched Pushing Daisies, you should. You don’t need to watch Parks and Rec again; watch Pushing Daisies.

I know that Valentine’s Day can be depressing for some. I spent the majority of my life single. Sometimes it would bother me and sometimes it wouldn’t. Now that God has brought Alycia into my life, though, none of those Valentine’s Days spent alone seem to matter that much.

Who are some of your favorite nerdy couples?