#1578 – Doctor Wednesdays: The Pilot

#1578 – Doctor Wednesdays: The Pilot

The Doctor is in.

After an extended hiatus, the mad man in the blue box is finally back. Series 10 of Doctor Who finds the Doctor putting down roots as a university professor. He and Nardole seem to have some secrets buried beneath the school, but that doesn’t keep the Doctor from taking an interest in Bill.

Bill is an inquisitive worker at the school’s cafeteria who sneaks into the Doctor’s lectures. The Doctor takes a liking to her, gets her admitted to the school and agrees to be her tutor. Bill takes a liking to another student, but when she mysteriously disappears things get a little science fictiony and the Doctor steps in to save the day.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching “The Pilot.”

A Good Man

This is Peter Capaldi’s last season as the Doctor and I really wish he were sticking around for another after this one. I thought he really came into his own as the Doctor last season and wanted more time with him in the TARDIS. The Doctor seems to have figured out how to be a good man. He spent two seasons wrestling with his character and he finally seems to have found some peace. He’s enjoying himself teaching students and he didn’t get frustrated with Bill one time. Some have suggested “The Pilot” is a bit of a soft reboot for Doctor Who, but the Doctor is still the Doctor even if he’s not as ornery.


The Doctor suggested that most things in the universe aren’t evil, just hungry. He suggested that the universe is dangerous, not due to evil but hunger. Most of our temptations are the same way. One of the pastors at our church says that sin is attempting to meet a legitimate need in an illegitimate way. The need or the desire isn’t evil in and of itself, but sometimes we attempt to meet that need or desire in a sinful manner. The desire for intimacy isn’t wrong, but seeking that out with multiple sexual partners outside of marriage is wrong. The desire for success isn’t wrong, but attaching that success to money and material possessions is. So many of our desires were instilled in us by God and we need to trust in him to fulfill those desires.


The Doctor also said that it’s good to be a little scared. Being scared kicks in our fight or flight response and heightens our senses. The Bible also tells us that fear is a good thing. Proverbs 9 says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we fear and respect the Lord, then everything else will fall into place. Rightly understanding that God is God and we are not puts everything in balance. If God is God and I am not, then I’m going to be more willing to follow his desires and seek his will. If I get confused and think that I am the one in control, then my life could get off course very quickly. I know this because it has happened to me plenty of times before.

I’m excited to have the Doctor back for Capaldi’s final run. I’m also excited to see how Bill’s character develops and whether or not she’ll bridge the gap between regenerations.

Speaking of Bill, I don’t care that she’s a lesbian. I know that there are some Christians who might be offended by Bill’s sexual orientation and boycott the series. I am not one of those people. I may not agree with every aspect of a gay lifestyle, but I also don’t think we should shun every representation of it.

What did you think of “The Pilot?”