#1528 – Iron Fist Trailer

#1528 – Iron Fist Trailer

I’m not as well versed in Iron Fist as I am other super heroes. I never read any of his comics and he never really even showed up as a major player in the big crossover events. I’m pretty sure “Iron Fist” is a mantle passed down from one person to another, but I could be mistaken. Either way, I’m excited to step into the world of Iron Fist through Netflix’s next Marvel series.

That trailer does a great job of introducing us to Danny Rand and firmly setting it in the world created by Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I’m excited to see how Iron Fist fits in, especially with elements like the Hand and Madame Gao.

Here are some screenshots and thoughts about the trailer.

Iron Fist 01

  • Apparently Danny Rand’s story is a lot like the Green Arrow’s. Rand gets stranded far from home, gets some sick fighting skills and makes his way back to his billion-dollar company. At least one of the Defenders won’t be scraping pennies just to get by.

Iron Fist 02

  • I hope I never become a billionaire because that could only bode poorly for Clara. Danny Rand’s parents. Bruce Wayne’s parents. It’s just not worth it.

Iron Fist 03

  • Of the two people standing beside Danny Rand, which one looks like a bad guy? The dude with the black slicked back hair or the pretty blond girl? Maybe they’ll both end up being bad, but definitely looks more like a villain than the other.

Iron Fist 04

  • I love David Wenham. He’s a tremendous actor and, in a movie filled with great actors and memorable characters, his Faramir really stood out. If I were Pippin I would have jumped on the flaming pyre to save him too.

Iron Fist 05

  • Look! There is an Asian in Iron Fist and she doesn’t look like a bad guy. Though, if she ends up double-crossing Danny, I may call racism.

Iron Fist 06

  • I like the tattoo and I like the outfit. I hope this isn’t the only nod to his comic book costume; I want to see him all green and yellow with a mask.

Iron Fist 07

  • This reminds me of the scene from the first season of Daredevil when Matt and Stick go to the docks to destroy Black Sky. That scene left me a little confused, as did everything with the Hand in season two. Hopefully Iron Fist will make things a little more clear.

Iron Fist 08

  • Madame Gao is a G. All the other mob bosses have fallen, but Gao is still standing strong. She’s a great character and I’m stoked to see how she opposes Danny Rand.

Iron Fist 09

  • Boom Shakalaka!!!

Netflix’s Marvel series have all been great. I don’t know much about Iron Fist so it’ll be great to learn more about the character. Also, the series hits Netflix on March 17, just as Alycia starts her two-week spring break. So we’ll have plenty of time to binge watch the series.

What are you looking forward to with Iron Fist?